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Job description:

Purpose of the role:

  • The incumbent in this role will be responsible for monitoring safety alerts on all Mine Equipment as captured through available systems. Further, the role will act as the main interface of communication flow between the operations and maintenance supervisors and employees in as far as safety dispatching is concerned.

 Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • At the helm of fatigue monitoring for the rigid dump truck fleet, the Dispatch Safety Controller will proactively action fatigue events depending on its level and severity, monitor field of view exceptions like sensors covered/report them to technicians and ensure the procedure is followed.
  • Assist in ensuring a safe shift Inclusive of Hourly Safety broadcasts, monitoring of weather conditions and lightning alerts, blasting activities and abnormal road conditions.
  • Monitoring of light and medium vehicle speed compliance.
  • Supporting the maintenance dispatcher through alerting equipment exception on Minecare.
  • Coordinate safety emergency incidents/accidents with ERT and escalate to key mining management leadership.
  • Track Pantograph faults and report to Maintenance. Number of machines reported and machines not fixed are to be also tracked at the end of each shift for record keeping and improvements.
  • Live Monitoring using DSS, Geotab, Tyre sense and 360 systems.
  • Communicate lightning alerts across channels.
  • Enter all the Pre-starts for the Equipment including all the defects and faults.
  • Track speeding events and report to the appropriate Supervisor
  • Monitor radar alerts and provide relevant information of alarms to Geotech personnel.
  • Review all equipment and personnel safety data for full data integrity, accuracy and reliability in conjunction with other members of the dispatch team
  • Assist the dispatching team to ensure all data is accurate and updated reliably inclusive of any maintenance dispatch responsibilities where necessary.
  • Attend all review meeting as may be requested.
  • Other duties as instructed by the Supervisor.


  • A minimum of a Grade Twelve (Grade 12) Certificate and at least a Diploma in Mining Engineering or its equivalent.
  • Certification of competence to work with the respective mining dispatch systems.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Understanding of mine dispatch systems and operating software applications systems.
  • Knowledge of best practices and standard operating procedures in a mining environment.
  • Proficiency in operating computer-assisted communications and dispatching equipment.
  • Ability to work in a diverse environment.
  • Proficiency in written and oral communication including the English language and any local languages widely spoken amongst members of the workforce.
  • Proven track record in personal safety and housekeeping practices.

Key Job Attributes

  • Conceptual Reasoning; the ability to utilize logical reasoning to solve new and unfamiliar problems. The ability to analyze problems and draw conclusions. The ability to form and test hypotheses and arrive at correct conclusions. The ability to understand complex concepts and problems.
  • Logical; Must be objective, reliant on hard facts/quantitative information, pragmatic, realistic and tough minded.
  • Practical; Must be attentive to everyday problems, able to develop and implement practical solutions.
  • Detail Conscious; Must be attentive to detail with clear, precise, thorough and systematic thinking.
  • Controlling; Must be intolerant to mistakes, critical, questioning and able to hold other people accountable.
  • Adaptability; Must be able to handle rapid change, shift priorities and adapt responses when circumstances demand it and open to different points of view and ways of doing things.
  • Commitment; Must be reliable, trustworthy. Integrity. Responsible. Conscientious.  Strong sense of duty. Plans ahead. Meets commitments and keeps promises. Holds him/herself accountable for meeting objectives. Is organized and careful in his/her work.
  • Resilience/ Persistence; Must be resilient, able to cope with stress, problems, frustrations. Resilient, persevering, consistent. Can bounce back after negative experiences. Setbacks do not destroy sense of self-worth.  This person remains hopeful and optimistic of success. Keeps going despite obstacles.
  • Initiative; Must be able to function independently, use initiative, seizes opportunities and cuts through red tape and bends the rules to get things done. Must also be able to mobilize others through unusual enterprising efforts to pursue goals beyond what is expected. Acts before circumstances force him/her; does not wait to be instructed on what to do.
How To Apply:

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